A Pair of Artful Texas Boutique Hotels

Stay ZaZa Art House in Dallas

Including Our Texas Museum and Culture Guide

Artistically Speaking

Flaunting an intriguing array of art galleries and museums, Dallas is a focal point for culture. One of the most compelling collections exists just steps away at the Stay ZaZa Art House & Social Gallery, a unique creative art space housing internationally acclaimed exhibitions.

Just outside ZaZa, Dallas museums and galleries range from traditional, offering something for everyone. In the Uptown area, take a jaunt through the Afterimage Gallery, the oldest gallery of photography in the city, the Florence Art Gallery displaying for both traditional and contemporary art and the upscale Pillsbury & Peters Fine Art gallery for the collector and connoisseur. Always full of suggestions for enticing things to do in Dallas TX, ZaZa is proud to offer our favorite museums below in this inspired Dallas guide.

Stay ZaZa Art House & Social Gallery

From fashion installations and runway shows, to photography, painting, sculpture and pop up exhibits, our onsite contemporary gallery is a unique art space housing acclaimed exhibitions from international talents.

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is a must-see for any art fanatic and just five minutes from ZaZa. With distinct displays and a permanent collection of some of the finest European, Greek and modern art, this museum offers an unforgettable experience.


Nasher Sculpture Center

Featuring works by Matisse, Picasso and Rodin, the Nasher Sculpture Center is home to one of the world’s most prestigious collection of modern and contemporary sculpture. Designed by Renzo Piano and just minutes from Hotel ZaZa Dallas, the sculpture center is the perfect destination for art admirers.


Crow Collection of Asian Art

The Crow Collection is the ideal place for an afternoon of reflection as a quiet oasis in the middle of the city. Just minutes from Hotel ZaZa, the museum houses a stunning collection of jade, sculpture, painting and other decorative arts from China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia.


Afterimage Gallery

Tour the oldest gallery of photography in the city and one of the oldest in the world. In over 39 years of operation, Afterimage Gallery has provided a large variety of photography at a wide range of prices to countless visitors.


Florence Art Gallery

For over 25 years, this lovely gallery in the Historic District has featured traditional and contemporary works by both new and established artists.


Pillsbury & Peters Fine Art Gallery

Pillsbury and Peters Fine Art is one of the largest and most active private galleries in the southwest, offering regular exhibitions of contemporary art, in addition to selected installations devoted to classic modern art from the end of the nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth century.


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