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We appreciate your business during these unprecedented times. Rest assured that the safety, security, and well-being of our guests and employees are our number one priority.
As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, certain regulations are in place as so ordered by national, state, and local regulatory agencies. You are required to wear an approved face covering when on hotel property and outside of your guestroom with the only exception being when you are eating and drinking. In addition you are required to social distance at all times when you are outside of your guestroom unless you are a part of the same party. Social distancing is >6ft. Ultimately, you and your guests are responsible for adhering to these regulations and we appreciate your help in establishing a safe community. We cannot be everywhere at all times to enforce these regulations so, again, it is on all of us to work as a team to ensure we are in compliance at all times. If you see an instance where someone is falling short of abiding, please let our manager on duty know immediately.

Cleaning & Sanitation

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Hotel ZaZa is committed to helping prevent the spread of disease with the heightened cleaning & disinfecting, as well as practicing safe social distancing and proper hygiene.

We have heightened our already loft cleanliness & disinfecting procedures with you in mind! This includes frequent sanitization of all high-touch surfaces and public spaces – developed with the guidance and information provided by both local health authorities and government requirements.

You will notice added measures throughout public spaces, including our restaurant + lounge to include hand sanitizer readily available, as well as sanitization wipes upon settling in to enjoy your meal. To minimize contact, our associates will knock to notify guests of order delivery for room service as well as guest requests.

One time use menus are located in each guest room.

Daily housekeeping service is offered upon request.

Wellbeing Checks

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We are conducting temperature checks all associates prior to entering the hotel. Anyone with a fever, signs of illness or virus symptoms will be advised to seek medical care immediately.

Social Distancing

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As much as we love ya, we know how to keep our distance. Our associates will practice social distancing with guests as well as colleagues whenever possible.

We ask that you keep the required 6 feet distance from other parties. Our restaurant layouts have been restructured to ensure proper distancing.

As well as limiting the number of passengers within each elevator carriage.

Mask Up Beautiful

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We’re masking up and we’re asking that you do too! Local authorities have mandated protective face masks must be worn at all times outside of your guestroom. Please wear your facial covering in all public areas including the fitness center, pool area and restaurant.

Eat, Drink + Relax

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We are closely following all city & state safety measures within our outlets. This means operating at a limited capacity within our restaurants and on our pool deck. 

We continue to follow our increased disinfecting process and constant monitoring of the latest from federal, state, and local officials; our policies are consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Please review the preventive measures from their website

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We love ya at ZaZa!

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