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Hotel ZaZa Policies


We are thrilled you have selected one of our accommodations to receive the ultimate in luxury and experience.  To provide the best experience for you and our future guests, we request your assistance with the following:

Multiple Bookings/Reservations & Extended Stays – Hotel ZaZa accepts up to four reservations and a length of stay of up to four nights without contact or further processing of reservations. Accessible, valid contact information (telephone, address and email) and a valid credit card must be provided at the time of booking. For five or more reservations or reservations with a duration of five or more consecutive nights, Hotel ZaZa requires further processing before reservations are valid. Dependent upon occupancy, season or special event, five or more reservations or reservations with a duration of five or more nights will be required a deposit ranging from 10% to 100%. Inability to contact customer or invalid credit card for deposit will result in cancellation of all reservations and release of units for resale.

Food and Beverage – Food and beverage is not permitted from outside sources.  Hotel ZaZa’s Catering or Room Service departments can both provide and service food and beverage functions in our suites.  Alcohol and prepared food not purchased directly from the hotel is prohibited.

Visiting Guests – Hotel sanctioned gatherings of family and friends are permitted in select suites. However, total occupancy is limited to a maximum of 10 people.  This limit may be waived only if you are hosting an event catered by the hotel’s staff.  Charging “cover charges” or admission to events in your suite is prohibited.

Smoking –  Both Hotel ZaZa Houston and Dallas are non-smoking facilities. Guests may only smoke in designated areas outside Monarch Lounge Terrace in Houston and on the hotel's front drive in Dallas.  Should you or your guests smoke in the suite, a $500.00 cleaning fee will be assessed.

Noise – Noise levels must remain within reasonable levels so as not to disturb other guests.  DJ’s, karaoke machines, PA systems, and other amplified sound systems are not permitted without prior approval from the hotel.

Damage – Any damages incurred to suites as a result of the aforementioned including but not limited to restorative general cleaning, carpet cleaning or replacement, furniture or soft goods cleaning or replacement, electronics or appliance cleaning, repair or replacement, and painting and fumigation.  The individual occupant will then incur any and all expenses realized by property to restore and return the suite to original specifications.

Photography/Filming – Photography or filming is not permitted on property.  Whether it is in public areas or guest rooms, these acts are prohibited unless expressed written permission has been granted by Hotel ZaZa.  Any unauthorized use of images of Hotel ZaZa or its contents is strictly prohibited and will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Checkout Procedure – If while a guest at the hotel and your departure date changes from what was originally agreed upon at check-in, kindly give the front desk 24 hours notice or we shall both honor the original checkout date.

Firearms – No concealed handguns or firearms will be allowed into Hotel ZaZa. Pursuant to Section 30.06 (trespass by holder of license to carry a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (concealed handgun law) may not enter our properties with a concealed handgun. Any other firearm is not allowed, as well.

Upon any violation of hotel policy, the hotel reserves the right to ask the registered guest / guests or any other occupants to leave the premises.  The registered guest/guests will be responsible for any room and incidental charges upon departure as well as any damage to hotel property.

Hotel ZaZa Confirmation and Registration Contract

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