Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-3
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-4
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-5
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-6
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-7
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Crouching-8

Crouching Tiger

2,145 sq ft

Silk fabrics, ebony, teak, bamboo, rattan and rosewood surround you in this lavish choice amongst Dallas hotel suites...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Leonardo-1


1,312 sq ft

Come experience one of the most artful five star hotels in Dallas. The Leonardo is a Dallas, Texas suite for the...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RedShoes-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RedShoes-2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RedShoes-3
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-RedShoes-4
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RedShoes-5

Red Shoes

1,340 sq ft

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, this suite brings the country to downtown Austin. Modern and...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-3
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-4
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-5
Hotel ZaZa Dallas MAG7-SUITE-LastCzar-6

The Last Czar

2,125 sq ft

This baroque townhome is one of the Dallas accommodations that makes Hotel ZaZa a standout among luxury hotels in...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Raven-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Raven-2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Raven-3
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Raven-4
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-Raven-5


1,340 sq ft

Be surrounded by Hitchcock-inspired décor at one of the best hotels in Dallas. Featuring a palette of blacks and reds...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RockStar1-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RockStar2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-RockStar3-1

Rock Star

2,010 sq ft

LIVE LIKE A ROCK STAR in this Jagger-worthy pad amongst suites in Dallas featuring extensive space adorned with velvet...

Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-DangerousBeauty-1
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-DangerousBeauty-2
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-DangerousBeauty-3
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-DangerousBeauty-4
Hotel ZaZa Dallas-MAG7-SUITE-DangerousBeauty-5

Dangerous Beauty

1,340 sq ft

Discover old-world romance set in your own Venetian-style villa in this Uptown Dallas suite adorned with red velvet...